Lord, your temple is holy (glorious) indeed for ever and ever. Psalms 93:5

We provide the services of ......

1. Altar-table cloths 

2. Pulpit and other hangings

3. Kneels

4. Screens (Ordinary,flits,curving etc...)

5. Stoles & Vestments

              We have vast experience to design and send the altar cloths and other church supplies to the churches in Tamilnadu and abroad like USA,UK and Gulf Countries.  Our altar cloths are (designed) based on biblical.  This is not just an altar cloth but  it draws your inner spirit towards the Living Lord while take part in the church service especially during communion. 

Contact us anywhere in the world  

Mobile: 94423 48271, 76390 41040, Telephone: 04630 273880


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